Reggae Edition

Rasta Polo Shirt & Shorts

Step into the rhythm of style with this Rasta Polo Shirt & Shorts (Reggae Edition) that sings with the soul of the islands. Priced at just £30.00, this set is a symphony of vibrant Rastafarian colors—green symbolizing the lush landscapes of the Earth, yellow capturing the blazing sun, and red representing the blood that unites all people. Each piece is crafted with a geometric weave, giving texture and depth to the ensemble.

The polo shirt, with its classic collar and buttoned placket, is transformed into a canvas of cultural expression, while the shorts echo this theme with an embroidered emblem of the lion—a powerful symbol of strength and Rastafarian identity. This duo is not just clothing; it's a statement. Designed for the modern man who walks to the beat of his own drum, it's perfect for those sun-soaked days by the beach or a chilled backyard jam. Embrace the spirit of reggae and make a statement that's as bold as it is comfortable.


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